Debut vinyl announcement

The world is not ready for this....but we're going to let it out of it's cage anyway.....debut vinyl from ALAVUX....more info soon....
Posted by Bass Agenda on Thursday, 16 July 2015

Heklanje #6 - Alavux Guest Mix

01.Alavux - 003 01 X LunarBase 003

02.Alavux - 01x Lunar Base 008

03.Alavux - 01x Lunar Base 007

04.Alavux - Mond

05.Alavux - Coitus 003 (Subagitatio) 

06.Alavux - Street Slumber

07.Alavux - Ambience 

08.Alavux - Flux

09.Alavux - Bondage

10.Alavux - Hg

11.Alavux - 01X Lunar Base 011

12.Alavux - Cycle 

13.Alavux - Okta

14.DIB - Ontaku 003 (Alavux Rmx)

15.Alavux - Soft Taste

16.Alavux - Onaj Momenat

Released : Alavux - Herbst EP [TMMR 153]

Alavux - Herbst EP
RELEASE DATE 2015-04-24
LABELS Take More Music Records

Free Release : V / A - Don't Stop Da Bass vol​.​3

Free Release Alert ! Incl. Dark Vektor​ Amper Clap​ & Bandit ! Some Fresh Electro Sound ! Small Threat for ortodox easter ;) Have a nice day ! 



 At 3 years after the Original version, which appears on the first of the three projects Otaku by DIB, here is the design DIB Otaku 003 Remixes. 
The EP consists of four tracks produced by just four of the most representative artists of the label, it expresses in synthesis the sounds of that label ranging from minimal to tech house, deep from the syncopated techno and industrial, where the sequencer and groove are always the relevant part of the tracks

ARTISTS Giovanni Pasquariello, Alavux, Labbratek, Banjhaman, DIB
RELEASE DATE 2015-04-03
LABELS Cieli Di Orione


Hello , this compilation contains 2 tracks from "01x Lunar Base" 009 and 008 01x Lunar Base .

ARTISTS Tamer Fouda, Boy Funktastic, Stephan Crown, Silviu Ionut, Lolitta, Thomas Totton, Chip Mandic,Alavux, DJ Reversive, DJ Kookane, Anonimos DJ's, Nicolas Favia, Kev WIllis, Jeff Bondin, Reagan(IE), Dj Ciaco,Dj Memory, Fonzie Ciaco, Dj Fonzie, Marco Moni, PM (Cyprus), DJ Herby, Mario Fx, Rajiv Alfaroo
RELEASE DATE 2015-03-12
LABELS Tekkno Records


Hello , some new compilation that contains track from "01X lUNAR Base" this time end track 10_01X Lunar Base . 

ARTISTS Allan Villar, Stephan Crown, Jorge Lara, Tom Tronic, Glender, L_cio, Dave Berlian, Daniel Beat,Glender, Joe Maker, Klaudia Kix, New City Dealers, J. OSCIUA, Vakabular, Giovanni Pasquariello, B-Step, DJ Nece, Davide Marchesiello, Ian Halsall, David Sainz, PedrouS, Leozzone, Holocaos, Fabric, Marco Moni, Andy Pitch, Tierry, SIMONE BRUTTI, Cristiano De Luca, Alavux, Crist Ceratti, Dajostik, Pariston Hills, Onay

RELEASE DATE 2015-03-12
LABELS Vertigo Records